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I'm Receiving a CAPTCHA Page When I Access My Website
Posted by Ken Kimball on 17 April 2013 05:51 PM

Links utilizes a service called CloudFlare to improve the security and performance of many of the websites we host.  One of the features of CloudFlare is detecting suspicious activity from website visitors and preventing them from accessing the website unless they pass a CAPTCHA page (show below).  This prevents a lot of web form spam and other malicious activity.

If a legitimate visitor to your website receives a CloudFlare CAPTCHA page it may indicate that they have a virus on their computer that's performing actions without their knowledge.  It can also mean that another computer in their home or office is infected.  Website owners may receive a CAPTCHA page while entering content or uploading files as these activities may trigger a false positive reaction.  If this happens to you, the CloudFlare settings can be tweaked for your website.  

Speaking of settings, there are many that control how CloudFlare acts and differing levels of security that can be put in place.  If you'd like these settings to be modified for your website hosting account, they can be edited from your hosting control panel or by Links support.  Please call or email support for more information on changing the CloudFlare settings for your website.

Example CloudFlare CAPTCHA Page:

CloudFlare CAPTCHA Page Example

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